Sometimes you just need someone who "gets it" to help you figure it the f* out...

You set the agenda for this 2 hour FIFO strategy session with Crista, perfect for diving deep into a specific business idea, opportunity, or challenge.

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What to Focus On

  • Feeling stuck and want to strategize, brainstorm, and plan with someone to "figure it out" so you have the clarity you need to take aligned action?

  • Want to deep dive into your CEO schedule and restructure your days for better flow and more time freedom?

  • Want to evaluate your signature offer and identify where you can shift your packaging, pricing, or positioning for better results?

  • Want to map out or reimagine your sales and marketing funnel for one of your offers?

  • Want to build out a strategic plan for a big bold business goal?

  • Want to define your next level team or system needs?

These are just a few examples of what clients have used strategy sessions for in the past. Have something different in mind? Let's do it!


Let's break out the virtual whiteboard to strategize solutions that give you clarity, confidence, and a plan forward!

You'll be amazed how much we can accomplish in only 2 hours. 

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The specific focus area is up to YOU.

Your FIFO Session with Crista Includes

  • A full two hours of my undivided attention focused on you and your business

  • Access to all of the assets we develop together, plus the notes Crista captures during the day

  • A recording available for download within 24 hours


Your Investment is $1500


"Crista took all my business structures, ideas and dreams and streamlined them into a model. Aligned with actionable items, structure and a cohesive plan moving forward.

Crista's unique method identified my strengths and core values to emphasize my business mission.

Crista's honesty, positivity and questioning really helped me reassess how I move forward.

Thank you for believing in my business, my mission and me.

I highly recommend Crista to get into your business head and give you a refreshing way of looking at your business.  Move out of your own way and let Crista in - you won't regret it!"

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Hi I'm Crista Grasso...

I have spent the past 2 decades helping businesses scale in simple and sustainable ways and adopt lean and agile ways of working - from the largest Fortune 50 companies in the world, to coaches, consultants, and online experts like you.

Known as the "Business Optimizer", I have the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to grow and scale a business.

A unique blend of 50% right-brain and 50% left-brain which allows me to see simple solutions and structures in creative ways that align with what a Visionary CEO of a small business needs.

I don't believe you need rigid or complex solutions to achieve results. You want to scale in simple, adaptable, and sustainable ways, which is both my superpower and my passion.


"Crista is honest, trusting, she listens, she guides with your vision in mind, backed by her expertise to know what the consumer wants, how to plan and market to them and do it in a way that is authentic to me and my business.

Thank you Crista for being a coach that not only helps propel the business, but propels the person to ensure that wellness and self-care are part of the journey, so I can enjoy the journey, not lose vision and feel great about it along the way."

"Working with Crista is unlike any other coaching / development experience!

Not only is she brilliant, efficient, and incredibly strategic, she also has the biggest heart and is able to see you for who you really are.

Very few coaches are able to strike the perfect balance of being able to help you on a practical / strategic level, as well as on an emotional one at the level that she does. Crista is a miraculous hybrid of both logic and feels.

It took her less than 10 minutes to see what I really want for my business (not what I thought would be most financially advantageous) which drove every bit of practical advice she gave me.

Literally, everything she said stuck with me because it was tailored to my specific situation, talents, and passions.

I was able to instantly implement what she told me right away since it felt organic.

Crista is a true gem! I would recommend her to anybody that wants to grow their business in a way that is most conducive to who THEY are and what THEY want."