Wish you had a CMO or COO by your side, even for 1 day? Well, now you can!

Inside COO for a Day, we spend a full dedicated day together to deep dive into your business, untangle the complexity, identify where you’re wasting time, money, energy and profit, define a fix for your biggest business problems, or a simple path to explore your biggest opportunities!
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What to Focus On

  • Maybe you know you need to streamline and systematize your business?

  • Or you have team issues you‚Äôre not sure how to solve or don‚Äôt know who to hire next?

  • Or you have a business model and offer suite that needs to be optimized to increase conversions and profit margin?

  • ¬†

    Or you have a launch, in person retreat, or virtual experience you want to plan out to create an incredible and memorable experience for attendees?

Whatever your biggest business challenge or opportunity right now, we can address it in our day together.


The COO for a Day session with Crista is a combined strategy + execution session.

In addition to breaking out the virtual whiteboard to strategize solutions, we roll up our sleeves and build out your assets and plans that you can leverage to take aligned action.

This could include:

  • Building your operating model and strategic hiring plan
  • Defining your next level business model and scalable offer suite
  • Reimagining the packaging, pricing, and positioning of your signature offer
  • Optimizing your marketing and sales process for increased conversions
  • Developing your strategic plans for your next big bold business move
  • Defining the¬†strategic systems for scaling your profits and impact
  • Designing an unforgettable and transformational client experience for¬†an in-person retreat or event
Schedule Your Session

The specific agenda and focus areas are defined together during a pre-session strategy call.

Most sessions include building your ecosystem for success and scale including the next level systems and team that minimize the dependency on YOU.

COO For a Day Includes

  • A private 20-minute pre-session strategy¬†call to align on the specific agenda, outcomes, and focus areas to make the most of the day

  • A full day of my undivided attention¬†focused on you and your business (8 elapsed hours with a 1 hour break mid-day and 2 shorter breaks)

  • Access to all of the assets we develop together, plus the notes Crista captures during the day

  • A recording available for download within 24 hours

  • A 30-minute checkpoint 1 week later to answer any questions and keep things moving forward


Your Investment is $5000*

*For the virtual experience or an in-person day in CT or Boston, MA.  Reach out for pricing and details if you would like Crista to come to YOU for the day.


"Crista took all my business structures, ideas and dreams and streamlined them into a model. Aligned with actionable items, structure and a cohesive plan moving forward.

Crista's unique method identified my strengths and core values to emphasize my business mission.

Crista's honesty, positivity and questioning really helped me reassess how I move forward.

Thank you for believing in my business, my mission and me.

I highly recommend Crista to get into your business head and give you a refreshing way of looking at your business.  Move out of your own way and let Crista in - you won't regret it!"

Will we be a good fit together?

If you're looking for a stuffy suit-wearing corporate-executive type who loves complex and prescriptive solutions, we won't be a good fit…  

However, if you are looking for someone who feels just as committed to making your vision and goals a reality as you are, with a whole lot of heart and some laughs along the way, then let's spend a day strategizing, planning, and implementing together! 

I'm not your typical COO. In fact, I don't even call myself a COO (although a lot of my clients do).

That means you won't get typical results… because you deserve so much more than "typical".

So what am I?

Enter your Chief Strategy and Operating Officer, CSOO.  At least for the day...

Some of my clients call me their COO.  Others call me their CMO. 

I blend front-end business growth with back-end operational excellence as a seasoned expert who has developed a proven framework for scaling. 

I'm a bit of a unicorn, and I bet you are too.

I can quickly spot gaps and small improvements that can have a massive impact on your results and being able to effectively implement on your vision. 

I have combined more than 20 years of lean and agile experience and being a trusted scaling strategist to some of the biggest companies in the world as well as leaders in the online coaching, consulting, and service-based industries into a proven framework for scaling.  

As a unique blend of 50% right-brain and 50% left brain...

And as someone who has both worked alongside and been a member of the C-Suite...

I understand what the CEO of a scaling business needs most and how to get creative in achieving the results you want in a simple, sustainable, and aligned way.

You will be amazed how much we can fast track your results in 1 day together!  


And Now For The Formal Bio...

Crista Grasso has been trusted for more than 2 decades by some of the top Fortune 50 businesses in the world as well as multi-6 to multi-7 figure online businesses when they want to simplify and scale.

She acts as a strategic partner to help you fast track making your big bold vision and goals a reality, without the hustle.  

Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to scale a business simply and sustainably.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and holds several lean, agile, change management, and project and program management certifications including:

  • Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SPC)
  • Kanban Management Professional (KMP)
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Agile Business Transformation Coach
  • AIM Change Management Practitioner (AIM-AP)

"Crista is honest, trusting, she listens, she guides with your vision in mind, backed by her expertise to know what the consumer wants, how to plan and market to them and do it in a way that is authentic to me and my business.

Thank you Crista for being a coach that not only helps propel the business, but propels the person to ensure that wellness and self-care are part of the journey, so I can enjoy the journey, not lose vision and feel great about it along the way."